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Yaël Zarca

1. Why did you start Raqs Sharqi? It was very young, I was more of a tomboy!  I liked sports such as tennis, handball, boxing, football.  I also tried several dances in which I have never been comfortable, including modern … Continue reading

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1.           Why did you become an Oriental dancer? I have lived in NY since I was 5 years old. My mother was a pianist, and she encouraged me to study many kinds of dance forms; being in NY, it was … Continue reading

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Imanja -Sacrid Beach Party-

Huleya Hiromi danced at Imanja –Sacrid Beach Party- in Japan. Huleya Hiromi is one of the most popular oriental dancers in Japan. She is studying under Lulu Sabongi and Dr. Gamal Seif. You can enjoy Raqs Sharqi dancers’ performances from … Continue reading

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Hadia -New Year Special Interview 2011-

Canadian Raqs Sharqi Artist and Master Teacher Hadia named Raqs Sharqi –The Joy of Dance-.  Hadia advised how naming is important for our SNS community. I greatly appreciated Hadia’s advices and respect Hadia as an Artist. For the begging of … Continue reading

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Raqs Sharqi Artist from France

Loulou Alfouad is a Raqs Sharqi Artist from France. She talks about her life with Raqs Sharqi. 1. Why did you start Raqs Sharqi?  I had many kinds of dances before I met Raqs Sharqi, but I got in love … Continue reading

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Raqs Sharqi Artist Suhaila Salimpour

You can know The Artist Suhaila Salimpour and her legend here! Learn about the ancient art of belly dance from teacher and performer Suhaila Salimpour and one of her star pupils, comedienne Margaret Cho. Original air date: May 2008.

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Belly Dancers in Famous American TV Show [Kaya and Sadie]

Kaya and Sadie is a belly dancer. They performed on one of the popular American TV Show “America’s got Talent.” They attracted judges and got a high evaluation! Check the documentary!

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