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Imanja -Sacrid Beach Party-

Huleya Hiromi danced at Imanja –Sacrid Beach Party- in Japan. Huleya Hiromi is one of the most popular oriental dancers in Japan. She is studying under Lulu Sabongi and Dr. Gamal Seif. You can enjoy Raqs Sharqi dancers’ performances from … Continue reading

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Oriental dancing show with Japanese traditional drums, flute, and Shamisen in NY.

 Japanese oriental dancer, Lale Sayoko, showed oriental dancing with Japanese traditional music. This art shows you flexibility of oriental dancing and excitement of Japanese drum, flute, and Shamisen. Let’s feel the Exotic Fun with the collaboration of oriental dancing and Japanese traditional … Continue reading

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LuLu [Oriental dancing fashion]

LuLu is one of the most prominent oriental dancing fashion brands in Japan. One famous woman designer Naoko Miura designs these wears and accessories for oriental dancers. She also designs matching shoes, bags, and accessories→where is your kit? Her products … Continue reading

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Noel [Oriental Dancer]

1. Why did you start oriental dancing? I have loved dancing since I was a little kid. When I was 9 years old, I started to learn classic ballet.  I dreamed that I would dance on a big stage someday … Continue reading

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The Hammam (from Arabic: حمّام‎, ḥammām) is the Middle Eastern variant of a steam bath. Hammam was a place for ladies who prohibited going outside to enjoy chatting and feeling relaxes without veils in Middle East. Kamakura city is one of the … Continue reading

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