Raqs Sharqi Artist Suhaila Salimpour

You can know The Artist Suhaila Salimpour and her legend here!

Learn about the ancient art of belly dance from teacher and performer Suhaila Salimpour and one of her star pupils, comedienne Margaret Cho. Original air date: May 2008.

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Belly Dancers in Famous American TV Show [Kaya and Sadie]

Kaya and Sadie is a belly dancer. They performed on one of the popular American TV Show “America’s got Talent.” They attracted judges and got a high evaluation! Check the documentary!

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Creating the ART of Raqs Sharqi by Lolie

Orientally, the Dance Collection, Vol.1

 Lolie Official Home Page

1. Why did you start Raqs Sharqi?

I began to learn dancing when I was 5 years old, and I joined in an oriental dancing class when I was 17 years old after I came back from North Africa. It was first time for me to listen to oriental music when I was in Tunisia. I could listen to Fairuz or Abdel Halim Hafez when I walked through the shop street. I really fell in love with Fairuz. Arabic music attracts me everytime, and it was a trigger that I was interested in oriental culture and Raqs Sharqi.

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Nabila Sabha [Original Arabic Dancer] PART2

Photo by André Elbing

What is your future plan with Raqs Sharqi?

I am going to start the certificated live music dance workshop “RAKSlive” from April 2011.

The whole workshop will be with live musicians, and there is an exam at the end of the course to get a certification which shows you pass the “RAKSlive” exam. I had wonderful opportunities to dance with live music when I started to dance, and these experiences made my foundation to develop dance techniques. It is the basic that dancers are going to understand Raqs Sharqi. You can get more information about “RAKSlive” on my website and on Raqs Sharqi –The Joy of Dance- blog. Continue reading

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Knowledge is Important by Nabila Sabha

Photo by André Elbing

Nabila Sabha said, “If you want to be a great dancer in the future, knowledge is going to help you. It is important to know great dancers’ background and aims”.  I asked Nabila her ideal dancers. She is going to name some great dancers who are special and the best examples for her life and dancing. Continue reading

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Nabila Sabha [Original Arabic Dancer] PART1

Photo by André Elbing
1. Why did you start Raqs Sharqi? 

Photo by André Elbing

It must be like this – My Destiny.   

First, I started to dance with a ballet education when I was 5 years old.  I was always dancing, even if our family had guests – I was dancing as if I entertained our guests!  When I was 16, I visited my Arabic family in Jordan/Amman.  (I recently heard that our family has 1.800 members in Jordan!)  One of the most favorite habits in the Arabic world is big wedding parties.  So, we were invited to several weddings every weekend.  It was fun to attend the wedding party and eat wedding cakes!  Especially, Raqs Sharqi attracted me. I got a contact with oriental dancing on real lives! 

Photo by Andre Elbing

Of course, nobody was dreaming to hire an oriental dancer for a wedding party, because the culture in Jordan was too conservative at this time.  On the other hand, every young girl who was not married had to dance with the live music – It was a big marriage market!  One of cousins was playing the drum as well Tabla and Zills (Zagatt). We played Zagat and eat a hell of sweets in Jordan when we were bored. This is one of the best memories of teenage in Amman.  Then, I went to an Oriental Dancing Dinner Show in Berlin, and I met a beautiful oriental dancer FEYROUZ from USA! When I saw her, it  became clear that I want to be an oriental dancer one day! It was as if oriental dance virus came to my blood via an American Dancer! Feyrouz was so incredible, sensitive, and wonderful dancer – she touched my heart and she is still my idol! Finally, I decided my career. 

I went to see my dad immediately and told him: “I want to be a Belly dancer!”  

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I met Shabnam at the Ethinic Dance Festival 2010 in San Francisco. In this festival of dancing styles from all over the world, other dancers were performing in groups, because the theater’s stage was very large. However, Shabnam performed by herself, but her dancing had the power to attract a large audience.

I felt the rhythm of the music visually through her Raqs Sharqi. In the party after the festival, I immediately asked Shabnam for a dancer’s interview, because her dancing and dramatics were amazing. Shabnam is very friendly, and I was moved by the nice and charming personality that she has besides her dancing skills. I hope more dancers are going to get to know Shabnam, American Raqs Sharqi dancer.

Photo by Rj Muna

Shabnam’s Interview Article

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