Nabila Sabha [Original Arabic Dancer] PART2

Photo by André Elbing

What is your future plan with Raqs Sharqi?

I am going to start the certificated live music dance workshop “RAKSlive” from April 2011.

The whole workshop will be with live musicians, and there is an exam at the end of the course to get a certification which shows you pass the “RAKSlive” exam. I had wonderful opportunities to dance with live music when I started to dance, and these experiences made my foundation to develop dance techniques. It is the basic that dancers are going to understand Raqs Sharqi. You can get more information about “RAKSlive” on my website and on Raqs Sharqi –The Joy of Dance- blog.

Photo by André Elbing

 I open an Oriental Dance Festival BAZAR ORIENTAL with my partner Sabina Zaida every year from 1998. This Festival is presented by 300 dancers, 60 vendors on a big Bazaar, and 2.000 visitors enjoy the festival. There are Workshops, Bazaar, Grand Gala Show, Gala with Live music Competition to nominate “Miss Belly dance of Europe”

Next Oriental Dance Festival BAZAR ORIENTAL is going to start November 11th 2011.

Moreover, I am going to travel around the world to teach at workshops and dance for shows. I will offer my special personal coaching for dancers to find their own dance style – which is very interesting work! I love working with dancers who have reached a border that they want to come over – it makes me exciting to find their talent and improve their dance-style!

My plan for my future is: 

– DANCING and ENJOYING with audience from all over the world 

– To give every knowledge to dancers at my workshops

-Coaching dancer who has future possibility to be a belly dance star and help them to find their own dance style

Could you give some advices for Raqs Sharqi dancers?

 -Try to be unique!

– Try to be fair with other dancers around you and express always yourself in dance!

– When you are teaching, give all knowledge you have to your students – you will get many feedbacks!

About Yuki Okamoto

Freelance Internet Marketer/ Bellydance Japan Magazine Writer/ Raqs Sharqi -The Joy of Dance- SNS Managerとして活躍中。 2010年には、ベリーダンスイベント運営/ Marketing戦略立案施行を行うRaqs ART Internaitonalを立ち上げ、Suhaila Salimpour, Huleya HiromiのSNSの運営管理、インターネットにおける市場戦略立案施行を行う。 I hope that Raqs Sharqi -The Joy of Dance- promote every Oriental/Middle Eastern/Belly/Raqs Sharqi dancers and everyone who loves dancing sisterhood!
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