Knowledge is Important by Nabila Sabha

Photo by André Elbing

Nabila Sabha said, “If you want to be a great dancer in the future, knowledge is going to help you. It is important to know great dancers’ background and aims”.  I asked Nabila her ideal dancers. She is going to name some great dancers who are special and the best examples for her life and dancing. 

Dina (Egypt)

Dina developed the oriental dance in Egypt to a complete new area. She was the very first one who added modern moves even Jazz moves into oriental dance but it was a perfect symbioses. She became famous when Nagua Fuad and Suher Zaki ended their active career, and there was nobody who could fill the gap and even if there would have the one – it would be boring with the old dance style. The oriental dance needed a refreshment. Dina came just on time and it was revolution of the oriental dance.

Dina is my Hero!  (Of course, I love Nagua, Suhair, Lucy, Naima Akif, and Samia Gamal so on…)

Randa Kamel (Cairo)

Randa Kamel is the other Egyptian dancer who created her unique own style just like Dina did. It is so difficult especially when Dina is still dancing!  Randa is the perfect match to Dina. Randa is Folklore with a wonderful touch of perfect ballet and Egyptian dance style. (She even reminds the young Nagua – think about the Sittl Hosni Video….Nagua in gold costume was carried in from some man on a tray…)  She is a wonderful strong dancer with many new and fresh movements.  Dina, Randa, Dandasch – The perfect ambassadors of Egyptian Raqs Sharqi in these days!

Dandash (Cairo)

She expresses PURE Egyptian Ballady!  She is incredible and if anyone wants to know what Egyptian Dance is, Watch her live on stage!

Sahra Saida (USA)

One of the most sensitive, intensive and warm-hearted dancer!  Her dance knowledge is amazing – her dance-style is very beautiful!


Jillina (USA)   

One of the most disciplined and creative dancer I have ever met!  Such a warm-hearted person and modest!  She is a wonderful dancer!

Thanks to all of these wonderful dancers which I named and all the other international dancers who are pioneers and gave us their knowledge, we can enjoy this wonderful ART form Raqs Sharqi. We do feel honor and in tribute to all of the great dancers!

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