Oreet New Raqs Sharqi DVD is released!!!

Oreet will be teaching at the AFAA Japan Fitness Convention in Tokyo Japan from July 18-20.    She  will be selling her 2 New DVDs along with her new CD and other performance DVDs. Oreet tells about these new DVDs and her own Raqs Sharqi style SharQui.

1.  What is your concept of this workshop from July 18-20 2010?

The workshops I will be teaching are at the Fitness Conference in Japan.  Even though the conference is geared toward fitness professionals both  fitness professionals and dancers will take my classes.
2. What do you want to teach and tell Japanese students now?
I will be teaching a SharQui level 1 & 2 as well as a choreography class.  I look forward to teaching them and be ready to sweat!
3. Could you tell about new DVD and new CD? What is the title and concept of them?
My new DVDs are Sharqui Level 1 & 2 and they are a great workout.  My other DVDs I will be selling are 2 performance DVDs and 1 Choreography instruction DVD.  My new CD is continuous bellydance club music.
4. Do you think your baby gives any positive influence to your dancing?(Oreet becama a mama), (Dancing while a being a mama)
Yes he does.  After giving birth I feel that my dancing has gotten stronger.  My dancing I feel now has a mature feel to it.
5. Do you have any comments to Japanese dancers?
Yes.  I can’t wait to meet everyone.  Would love to go out if anyone has free time!  My baby and husband would love it!
-Oreet new DVDs’ promotion videos-

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