Dance Drama Invokes Inspiration

Photograph by Ken Stein

American Raqs Sharqi dancer Kaeshi Chai‘s friend Grace Zazzaro tells her experience with Pure (Public Urban Ritual Experiment) NYC activities. 

“Pure Reflections Beauty Reimagined (Pure) Public Urban Ritual Experiment NYC chapter visited Mystic, Connecticut at the Dragons Egg a dance performance hall.  Joining Pure New England Chapter for a day workshop and evening performance filled with a message of hope for all.  

These talented women engaged their focus on teaching how to dance with self expression, and succeeded to transform the experience into an emotional rescue.” 

Photograph by Karl Doyle

 “The workshop included a group of dancers, musicians of all ages from across the globe hoping to implement change, beauty and awareness. Open and ready to emit, love, healing and with their hearts waiting to be filled the workshop instructors guided with tender poised care. They created a joyful safe experience for the participants.  The workshops intro posed a huge circle to help connect everyone to help create oneness. The exercises throughout the workshop contained mini intervals of free style dance along with music that provoked and touched the soul.  Each coached by a loving leader, adding guided images and making suggestion of self exploration which helped the dancer tap into a soul full, living through process to evoke expression of feeling in dance form.  As the workshop builds it continued to go deeper; drawing deeper emotions out, succeeding to transfigure oneself into a healing flowing form and purposeful dancing with a deep intention of self love.  The music played is unique, healing, thoughtfully procured with rejuvenating properties and was the power source of dynamic energy.  Winding down ending with a circle allowing everyone to have a voice gave moments of thankfulness, passion, compassion and most of all love for each other. 

Photograph by Murray Head

The evening’s colorfull and dynamic theatrical performance by Pure NYC tell tale of a wide global issue continuing throughout the ages; women have battled with self acceptance. My daughter and I watched these passionate collections of woman all shapes, sizes, and cultures. They dance their way into my soul.  I did not hear a sound in the theater while the story unfolds; while looking into a mirror depicting the inner hidden horror every girl, every woman on some level endures while trying to find self acceptance and fitting into the demanding physical expectations societies promote through technology, television and media. Hard core levels of self abuse are dramatically acted out beautifully in the story.  Shocking visuals of editorials and words with images mirroring negative self talk are projected onto a screen behind the stage.  Live music by Kristin Hoffmann accompanied the drama driving it home with core probing sounds digging deeper into the many aspects of self inflicted pain women struggle with.  As the performance moves on the depth of the process of self reveals the chosen tool of pain women use as a way of coping.  How we can heal and recoup from our own clutches of self loathing? Love is the shining answer for sure in this message but all knowing that the demon lives but; can be contained through self love portrayed through the character Mother Earth. All my experiences in my life measure up to that moment in time. I tried not to sob; I thought I am that woman and in fear I looked at my daughter and realized she could be that woman and I need to stop that from happening. A powerful message all need to hear.” 

Written by Grace Zazzaro

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