Tarik Sultan

Photo by Kathy Gorring

Tarik Sultan is a male professional oriental dancer from New York.

Naomi has been studying Oriental dance in New York with Kaeshi Chai, and Tarik Sultan. She is going introduce her teacher Tarik Sultan.

“I have been studying Oriental dance in New York with Kaeshi Chai, and Tarik Sultan. I would like to introduce my teacher Tarik Sultan. I am his assistant, and have been studying Egyptian style with him.”

Photo by Kathy Gorring

Photo by Naomi Takahashi

“Tarik has been performing and researching the Oriental dance for past 25 years. Tarik is the portage of American Oriental dance legend Morocco and was the director of her dance company. However, he began making a name for himself as in his own right as gifted teacher, performer, and researcher across the country. In the past year he has taught in Argentina, Australia, United Kingdom, Trinidad and Tobago, and Osaka Japan last year. 
He is very a friendly and approachable person and brings his personality to his classes.
As a teacher, he is very patient, and giving individual attention to all his students. If he sees that the students are having difficulty with a movement, he is able to demonstrate and explain it so that they can understand it. Unlike most teachers, he doesn’t just teach choreography, and techniques, but he actually teaches us how to dance and express ourselves by interpreting the music. He explains that Egyptian style “Raks Sharki” is stage version of “Baladi” with comparison of music and movement vocabulary. He also gives the students insight into the folkloric dances of Egypt, the Middle East, and North Africa to their historical and cultural background to broaden his students knowledge, 

Photo by Naomi Takahashi

He places particular emphasis on the basic hand and arm movements and how to integrate them with the movements, so that students can achieve a style that looks natural and authentic. As you can see in his videos, he is also great with finger cymbals (sagat/ zills), and he teaches how to use them not as a “prop” but a “musical instrument”
He created his own finger cymbal practice pattern, and therefore, even basic beginner students can learn finger cymbal easily. 
As a performer, he demonstrates the interactive emotional nature of the Egyptian dance style. He is best knows for his Shisha (water pipe) dance which he started in 2003, in which he balances a free standing water pipe on his head. This dance has inspired performers around the world, such as Egyptian male dancer Tito who has begun including his own version on this dance in his shows.

When he was in Japan last year, his students loved him. He not only taught intensive WS but additional regular classes as well. Many of his WS students loved his workshop very much and they came took his additional classes as well. By the end of his stay, there was a noticeable improvement on the part of many of them in their technique, posture, stage presence, and interpretation of music. The greatest thing about studying with Tarik is that he creates a relaxed atmosphere in his classes, allowing students to not only learn but have a lot of fun as well. Most of students in Japan told me that they really enjoyed his classes and workshop.
If you have chance to come to New York, try Tarik’s class so you will find yourself having fun in his class.  Tarik would love to go to Japan again soon.”

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