Raqs Sharqi -The Joy of Dance-


 I changed the title of blog and community site from “Oriental Dancing –Exotic Fun-”to “Raqs Sharqi -The Joy of Dance-”.  I am going to tell the story why I changed the past title, “Oriental Dancing –Exotic Fun-”.

I am studying Marketing at Berkeley, and I started this blog to promote Belly/Oriental/Middle Eastern/Raqs Sharqi dancers’ sisterhood all over the world.

When I started this blog, I asked my marketing professor what title is the best from marketing prospective. He said “Exotic” and “Fun” is one of the popular internet searching words.  This is the trigger that I decided to use –Exotic Fun- as a subtitle.

I had been thinking that I could co-create community with many blog viewers.  Therefore, I created the Facebook Fan page “Oriental Dancing –Exotic Fun-” two weeks ago, and e-mail to some worldwide famous dancers and drum performers to introduce new community site.

It was big pleasure that I got some replies from them.

The Egyptian drum performer, Karim Nagi replied at first. He advised

“If you will promote or market this dance, please do NOT use the word “Exotic”. This word has a very bad connotation and is not flattering. It is a cultural dance. I am an Arab from Egypt and I would hope that you, and everyone, would seek to learn about Arab culture, and the people who do this dance as their own ethnic expression. I fully believe that it IS a dance for everyone from any nation; however, it does have an origin.  In addition, the word “Oriental” is also tricky, especially that you are Japanese.  So please decide what that word really means to you.  Best of luck.”

Canadian Raqs Sharqi dancer, Hadia also gives some advices.

“Hi.  This is Hadia. I have been an oriental dance artist and instructor for 40 years and although I am not an Arab, I practice and teach Egyptian oriental and a wide range of folkloric forms from many countries as well as Turkish Roman. I wholeheartedly agree with Nagi. There has been a great deal of confusion and not particularly beneficial promotion and marketing of our beautiful art form for the past few years and I really do encourage you to use your marketing skills to promote the art form as an art form and one that acknowledges the cultural context f such.”

I consulted them what title is the most suitable for our community. They helped to create this new title, Raqs Sharqi -The Joy of Dance-. I would like to express my great appreciate to them.

I hope this title reflects the cultural origin of sharqi, folklore, and Roman dance. I love and respect these art forms, and I would be very happy if I could market the quality and art.

About Yuki Okamoto

Freelance Internet Marketer/ Bellydance Japan Magazine Writer/ Raqs Sharqi -The Joy of Dance- SNS Managerとして活躍中。 2010年には、ベリーダンスイベント運営/ Marketing戦略立案施行を行うRaqs ART Internaitonalを立ち上げ、Suhaila Salimpour, Huleya HiromiのSNSの運営管理、インターネットにおける市場戦略立案施行を行う。 I hope that Raqs Sharqi -The Joy of Dance- promote every Oriental/Middle Eastern/Belly/Raqs Sharqi dancers and everyone who loves dancing sisterhood!
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