ELi [Creative Contemporary Belly Dancer]

1. Why did you start belly dancing?

I find it very sensual, graceful, and feminine.  I personally love the movements that are initiated from our core and hips.  I like the flexible yet powerful movements in belly dancing.

2. What is the most important thing to do when we dance in public?

Sufficient training, preparation and get ourselves connected to the public, as most of the time we perform to entertain.

3. Could you tell me about your belly dancing style?

I love contemporary belly dancing and theatrical belly dancing.

4. Could you tell me about the relationship between belly dancing and your background?

I like Ballet since I was 5 year-old. I learned Ballet from my little girl friend named WenLi when I was 5 until 12 year-old, My parent didn’t know that I have such interest in dancing and I didn’t tell them about it, so I didn’t get a chance to learn it properly through a Ballet Academy.  I have 3 years of Malay, Indian and Chinese Traditional Dance background when I was 13 to 16 year-old.  Then I have 2 years of contemporary dance background when I was 17 to 19 year-old.

I saw belly dancing years later in my dear friend wedding performance, and I started to search for more information about belly dancing.  I finally took up belly dancing with a Turkish as part of my recreational activity in year 2002.  I have attended belly dance workshops with some of the Belly dance Superstars from the USA such as Jillina, Kaeshi, Sharon Kihara, Tamalyn Dallal, and Sandra as well.  I gradually turn belly dancing into my full time profession after 5 years of training and 2 years of part time coaching and performing.  I am currently a student of University of Malaya majoring in Master of Art (Performing Arts- Dance).

5. Could you give some advices or comments for Japanese belly dancers?

I love to watch Japanese performing Hip Hop, Breaking, Locking, House, and Street Jazz.  Probably Japanese belly dancers can try combining it with belly dancing.

6. Who is your idea belly dancer?  Why do you like the belly dancer?

My ideal belly dancer is Sharon Kihara. I like her because she is friendly in person, and her belly dancing skills are phenomenal.

7. What is your future plan w/z belly dancing?

I would like to see more Asian fall in love in belly dancing, so hopefully we as an individual will try to play our part to educate and inspire people around us.

ELSA Dance Asia and Performing Arts Official Website

Eli told me People who love belly dancing will find the sensuality and flexibility of a woman.

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