Belly Dance in Dominican Republic

A Dominican friend, Meylinh replied my interview about Dominican Belly Dancing and introduced me Dominican Belly Dancer, Vanessa Angulo.

Vanessa Angulo is very famous in the Caribbean. She has a school in Santo Domingo and she teaches also older ladies so they will feel sexy and good with their bodies, she does an amazing job.

1. Could you tell me Belly Dancing in Dominican Republic?

In Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic , the Belly Dance has been very popular. People used to hire independent belly dancers for their private parties or the dancers will have their own shows.

But it was very difficult to find an academy on which everybody could learn how to dance Belly Dance until in 1984.

Vanessa Angulo

One of this professionals belly dancers called Vanessa Angulo decided to create a dancing academy called “Vanessa Angulo & su Grupo” . Today,  it has more than 1,000 students who are enrolled and the ones who have graduated from it have become professional belly dancers that have created their owns academies either in Santo Domingo or in countries such as: Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland, United States and Puerto Rico.

Vanessa Angulo is responsible for the big success that Belly Dance has in Santo Domingo, due to her presentations in Television, Live Shows, and Private Shows which have increased public awareness and make more people interested in learning about this wonderful dance.

2. Have you ever learned belly dancing?

Yes, I have been dancing for “Ritmos, espacio de danza” for 8 years. This dancing academy has many areas in the dancing field, and I used to be a part of the modern dance group which includes Jazz, Hip Hop and many contemporary dances. Our teacher merge belly dancing with modern rhythms such as reggaeton and hip hop and included it in our choreographies. This is an example of the kind of choreography I used to dance in the dance institute I belonged to.  Don Omar – Salio El Sol  is a mix of reggaeton and belly dance! It is pretty cool! Other genres have adopted Belly Dance in other rhythms such as Reggaeton, that is a very popular music in the Caribbean!

Later on I joined the Body Shop Athletic Clun dance group, and the dancing class held by Jochy Pascual also included modern music and belly dancing was not excluded. I believe that the main reason why belly dancing has made such a big impact even in other dancing fields has been because not only because of the beauty of its steps but it is also very easy to adapt it to many different forms and combine it with different styles.

3. Are there Belly Dance Festivals in Dominican Republic?

Vanessa Angulo & su Grupo held a dancing festival every year in which the students can perform and present choreography to the public which increases public awareness and motivates people to become part of this wonderful dancing.

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