Lulu Sabongi

1. Why did you start belly dancing?

I saw one performance, in this time I was very young just 17 years old, and got immediately enchanted. Later I would understand that my first contact was not with a very nice artist, and the level was not refined at all, but it was very important because from that moment on I was in love with Oriental Dance and this would become the main goal in my life!

Then I looked for a teacher and in Brazil at this moment, we had just two teachers all over the country. Since I understood nothing about the dance in that moment, I just decided for the one who was born in an Arabic country and this was a good decision, since the beginning I was connected with the expression and dramaticity of Middle Eastern culture and this made a big difference in my dance.

2. What is the most important thing to do when we dance in public?

Be very aware of your costume, which must be perfect, keep your elegance, maintain communication with the audience and be loyal to the culture you are representing on the stage.

3. Could you tell me about your belly dancing style?

I feel I am a mix of all my teachers and my own way of feeling the dance. I would say I can change my character depending on the style of the music I am performing through.

4. Could you tell me about the relationship between belly dancing and your background?

Always I like dance since I was child. Tried classical ballet but my body was not really made for that. Jazz and Modern dance for short time, then Oriental became the major activity. Through this art I could express myself freely and fell challenged to learn more and more.

5. Could you give some advices or comments for belly dancers?

Enjoy your teachers, and practice a lot. Just believe that the track of an Oriental Dancer is very long and you must prepare yourself to develop slowly all the habilities that will make you a wonderful artist. Don’t be anxious; just walking the road and study. You will be happy anyway when your body answers better and better for all you want!

6. Who is your idea belly dancer? Why do you like the belly dancer?

My ideal belly dancer is an eternal student, knows about Folklore and all the styles that are necessary for us to represent well this culture. Someone refined in technique and lovely as a person and artist. I like belly dance or better saying Oriental Dance because it is a feminine art, which offers me the possibility of being creative and share with others everything I learned through these 27 years.

7. What is your future plan w/z belly dancing?

Write a book about my experience, travel the world teaching more and more, and bring the Dance inside the Universities looking for more respect and credibility

8. Do you have some comments which you want to tell people who love belly dancing?

You must try it. Nobody will be ever able to describe what this dance is if this person didn’t feel herself in her body and soul. SO please whoever you are, just try it!

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