Oreet [SharQui bellydancer]

Oreet1. Why did you start bellydancing?

I started to bellydance professionally because I was a fitness professional in New York City and wanted to fuse the fitness aspect with all the great benefits of bellydance.  I have been teaching fitness for a very long time and began to get tired and bored.  I remembered that when I used to bellydance with family that it always made me feel good.  This is why I started to do it professionally and then started my own fitness technique called, SharQui – The bellydance workout™.

2. What is the most important thing to do when we dance in public?

I think the most important thing to do is to dance from the heart and with integrity.  The audience can see the difference when a dancer truly enjoys oneself and understands what they are doing. Oreet lesson

3. Could you tell me about your bellydancing style?

I would say my bellydance style is Contemporary Egyptian with an athletic component.  Being Middle Eastern myself and understand the traditional way I like to evolve it a little and add my own flare to it.  I also have a ballet, modern and jazz background which adds to my style.

4. Could you tell me about the relationship between bellydancing and your background?

Bellydance is a part of my culture.  I am Israeli of Arabic descent.  My parents are from Israel, but my grandparents on both sides are from Yemen.  Being a Sephardic Jew(Middle eastern Jew), bellydance is part of our culture.  I learned from my family but didn’t start doing it professionally until about 15 years ago in the United States.

5. Could you give some advices or comments for Japanese bellydancers?

From my experience I feel that Japanese bellydance have an extremely great work ethic.  But because bellydance is not part of the Japanese culture I feel emotion sometimes is compromised because the understanding of the culture and language is not there yet.  I think my advice that would help bellydancers is try to understand the culture and language by visiting the middle eastern countries or taking an Arabic language class.

Oreet lesson back6.  Could you tell me about the different style of bellydancing in different regions?

– Oreet bellydancing root comes from Israeil.-

Israel is like a America.  You have many different type of people from all over the world!  There are 2 different types of Israelis, Ashkenazi (European) and Sephardic (Middle Eastern).  The Sephardic Jews came back to Israel before and after Israel became a Jewish State.  This was before and after 1948.  There were many Middle Eastern Jews who came from Morocco, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Algeria, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Turkey, and more!  All these middle eastern Jews brought there own style of music and dance!  This is why there is a mixed middle eastern style in Israel.  The dance performed in Israel still has a very deep root in the Egyptian style though.

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