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Dear dancers,

This is a new RaqsART web magazine’s address!

RaqsART is a place for belly dancers to share and create information with other dancers all over the world about events, performances, dancers; just about anything related to belly dancing. Our goal is to create the most interactive and extensive belly dancing community to bring international fans together.

We are still a developing community so please feel free to leave questions, suggestions an comments about the site. We would be happy to try adopt new ideas to meet the needs of our users.

RaqsART has an extensive cross-platform social media community for Belly/Oriental/Middle Eastern dancers from all over the world. You can enjoy dancers’ interview articles on  the blog RaqsART.  Love to every dancer ❤

RaqsART International organizer Yuki

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Yaël Zarca

1. Why did you start Raqs Sharqi?

It was very young, I was more of a tomboy!  I liked sports such as tennis, handball, boxing, football.  I also tried several dances in which I have never been comfortable, including modern jazz, which I still felt well because of my curves.
I was 14 years old when my baby sitter invited me to her dance gala show.

I was dazzled and conquered!  I said: “If a French girl can dance Raqs Sharqi, why not me?”  As a result, I enrolled in a belly dance school in my town in next September.  When I started, I thought that it would be easy because of my oriental origins, I was very surprised!  Then, I understood the technicality, the precision, and grace that required the oriental dance.
After years of studying this dance with different teachers, I finally met Mayodi (Male Oriental Dancer in Paris). He completely changed my dance. Moreover, Egyptian feeling completely shaped my dance.  I am still learning a lot with my Egyptian masters Yousry Sharif, Raqia Hassan and Dr. Gamal Seif.

2. What is the most important thing to do when we dance in public?

An excellent technique is essential.  Therefore, I continue to train and educate myself. I love beautiful choreography that has the chains fluid and precise movements, which are perfectly accent the music.  Moreover, it is the most important to exchange the emotion with the public.  The stage is the opportunity to share a moment with the public. This can be very festive, very emotional, and almost painful.  I do not play a character, I do not trying to be someone else on a stage.  When I dance, I am who I am but I am unveiled more than daily life.  The costume and makeup allows daring more but do not overplay.  I dance with my sensitivity, my joy, and my injury.  I need to feel the audience, so we can share the feelings, and I have to tell them a story with dance.

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The First World Bellydance Convention in Korea

Lee Alisha is a vice president of the Goddess Bellydance Association and The World Bellydance Convention in Korea!

It will be the first Bellydance Convention in Korea.

There will be workshops, seminars, competitions, shows and city tour!

The competition has many parts and the total prize will be 10.000USD (not 1.000).

Each professional part winner will get 2,000 USD with trophy.

The convention place is very near by Inchon airport, and there is a free shuttle to the convention place… it’s really nice hotel.

This year Momo Kadus, Tamalyn Dallen, Mia Shauri, Estelle Shao, Karim Nagi, Andrea will be invited. (Every year we will invite at least 5 teachers from other countries)

There is a discount with early booking!(until 30th in March 10%)
Full package is only 390USD. It is included breakfast with Hotel and 2 nights dinner, Gala show, competition show, workshops, and all seminars (exclude Hotel staying fee). On the other hand,  joining the competition fee is not included. If someone who wants to share the room, we will find the room mate for them:)

The Korea Goddess Bellydance Association has 7 under schools in other cities in Korea.

Moreover, the top gourp of this association has had first prize 5 times in the World bellydance competitions in Unitied State, Germany, and 3times in Korea!

You can enjoy performance videos of the Goddess Bellydance Company on YouTube.

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Photo by Nam

1.           Why did you become an Oriental dancer?

I have lived in NY since I was 5 years old. My mother was a pianist, and she encouraged me to study many kinds of dance forms; being in NY, it was a great opportunity to study with great teachers and go to see grand shows even I was very young. I travelled to many countries while I grew up, and my family always visited to see the local art and dance, and I was very interested in how the dancers work in each country. In my school days, I performed as a jazz dancer. My first encounter with live Oriental dance was when my friend asked me if I want to see an Oriental dance show. When I first saw live Oriental dance, I fell in love with the art instantly. The beauty of the dance, the mysterious atmosphere, and the rich music totally captured me.

2.           What is the most important thing when you perform Oriental dance?

Love for the music and dance. Respect to the event, country, people, and culture. Thankfulness to the people who supported me. If I feel like this, it is natural to prepare costumes, makeup, music, health and condition to be the best.

3.           Please describe your Oriental style.

Photo by Nam

My Oriental dance is a mixture of all the dance forms and styles that I have learned. It is like taking the influences together inside me to bloom as a flower of my own color. I love Egyptian style dance and the character of Egyptian dancers, and I love Arabic music. But since I am not an Egyptian, I would not look the same even if I copied the Egyptian dancers. I try to study the authentic Egyptian style, internalize the movement, and then express it in my style. I unite all the dance styles in which I have trained, and try to perform in a way that my small body will look more attractive and interesting on a big stage. But I always take care to study the traditional style, feeling, and historic background. I want to be a Japanese Oriental dancer who greatly respects Arabic music and Egyptian dance. Continue reading

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Imanja -Sacrid Beach Party-

Huleya Hiromi danced at Imanja –Sacrid Beach Party- in Japan.

Huleya Hiromi is one of the most popular oriental dancers in Japan.

She is studying under Lulu Sabongi and Dr. Gamal Seif.

You can enjoy Raqs Sharqi dancers’ performances from all over the world on RaqsSharqiDance YouTube Channel!

Check the site!!!

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Hadia -New Year Special Interview 2011-

Photo by Bill Lewis

Canadian Raqs Sharqi Artist and Master Teacher Hadia named Raqs Sharqi –The Joy of Dance-.  Hadia advised how naming is important for our SNS community. I greatly appreciated Hadia’s advices and respect Hadia as an Artist. For the begging of 2011 Raqs Sharqi –The Joy of Dance-, Hadia answered my interview request.  This is Hadia’s story with Raqs Sharqi. Continue reading

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Raqs Sharqi Artist from France

Loulou Alfouad is a Raqs Sharqi Artist from France. She talks about her life with Raqs Sharqi.

1. Why did you start Raqs Sharqi?

 I had many kinds of dances before I met Raqs Sharqi, but I got in love with this discipline when I tried Raqs Sharqi at first time.

2. What is the most important thing to do when we dance in public?

 The most important thing is that you have the contact with your audiences, bring your audiences happiness of dancing, and translate music with your body movements.

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